Performance Group of LEsbian Dancers 2011



Where: Lake Merritt Dance Centre, 200 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610 .

Room: Auditorium

Cost: $15 drop in. $65 for 5 weeks, $52 for 4 weeks, $39 for a 3 week series.

Ages: Very broad range of ages from teens to 80's, the average probably being in the 30's, 40's and 50's.

Accessibility: Lake Merritt is a wheelchair and scooter accessible venue, with elevator, ramps and accessible bathrooms. No sign language facilities.

Contact: 510.430.8820



July 2019| Monday Queer Partner Dance Series

Taught by Zoe Balfour

LGBTQ, Beginning Night Club Two Step and Intermediate Country Western Two Step and Waltz .

Dancing, one of the most fun ways to get fit, socialize and learn a new skill. Bring someone who hasn't been before to a 'trip the light' Monday class and they get their first class for free (when you sign up for the month)!

July 2019

Monday Classes: July 8th, 15th, 22nd. 3 weeks.

6:30 - 7:30: LGBTQ Beginning Night Club Two Step

This class is open to beginning and returners.   Want to get out on the floor and partner dance, but not sure what to do and need some confidence? Come and learn in a supportive same sex group. We will learn lots of the patterns that make this dance so great, and have lots of fun in the process. Learn lead and follow, turns and timing and some great moves.

This is a great place try out partner dancing and learn some repertoire of dance steps and partnering technique to play with on a dance floor. No partner needed.

7:30 - 8:30:  LGBTQ Intermediate Country Western Two Step and Waltz

This class is being offer at overwhelming demand. This is for people who have the basic patterns and want to go to a new level and returners who want more moves and technique. Come and learn in a supportive same sex group of dancers and try out one of the favorite social dances.

This is a friendly and fun class that will take you through all kinds of fun moves and turns, and give you lots of practice in leading and following. Come and learn in a supportive group of dancers of all ages. No partner needed. These classes are always really fun and vibrant and a great place to improve your dancing. This class will take beginning moves and add variations to them.



August 2019 | Monday Queer Partner Dance Series



6.30 - 7.30 TBA

7.30 -8.30 Intermediate TBA



Performance Group new group 2019/ 2020

Trip the Light Performance Groups have been going on for a number of years and are the current US champions. We have participated in events like Gay Games (silver medal'06), Sundance Stompede, Pride Parade & Stages, Baile Con Migo, Queer Ballroom, Trip the light fantastic friday dances. Sistahs' Steppin in Pride, Ballroom Competitions in Sacramento and in April Follies( winner 08) & California Dreaming (winner'07and '08) competitions here in the Bay Area. The Outgames in  Copenhagen, Denmark where the the formation team won a gold and a bronze medal in country western group dance and ballroom show dance in 2009. We came 5th in the world at the Paris Gay Games in 2018. Check them out

Trip the light fantastic will start working with a new performance group in Sept. This is always an exciting process of a group getting to know each other and working together on a project for 3/ 6 months and then getting to perform at the end of it. During this time you will learn a huge amount of technique, some great choreography and feel the warmth and support of creating something beautiful with a group of other queer people.